Sunday, February 28, 2010
Jordan´s school decided to represent the different ethnic groups at carnaval and Jordan´s class were the punkies. Thankfully Oz was around to help get him ready as I´m not too fond of that style of clothing and didn´t quite know what went where.

with his brothers, we all went along in the parade as well.

that questionable chacter holding Jordan´s hand is his teacher btw.
When she doesn´t have a scary wig on she´s actually an excellent person and teacher.
the whole school
here he is with his classmates, I really hope this is not a sneak peek into what things will look like in ten years from now.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010
More holiday fun
We went to a fair that they organized here in Alicante, you pay an entrance fee and there´s every possibly ride for kids on they can go for free, activities, bouncy castles, etc. We didn´t have enough time for all there was to do and the kids had a blast.

Here is the whole trip (my kids and Carols), check out Joshua´s face.

daddy is still the funnest "ride"
they were sucking on some sugar coated nuts hence their funny expressions.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
End of 2009
Here are a few more pics that end off the year 2009. Sorry I haven´t had much up lately but my camera has been broken, the good news is that by the end of this week I should have my new one here. Anyhow here are a few more.

Well, to start off with Jordan and some others in his group made a "choir" and sang at the town´s church at Christmas. I sadly missed it but here he is with his little friend. Jordan is great at music and singing and really enjoys it.
waiting his turn....
my handsome men getting ready for their New Year party...........imagine in 20 years from now.....
ready to go....
doing the grape tradition and saying goodbye to 2009.

More will come some other time.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010
Sweet Caroline...............................

Because she´s sick in the hospital and deserves a post and your prayers!!! Get better Carol, we miss you!!!!
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Saturday, January 2, 2010
TERRA NATURA. Bye bye 2009
I took the kids to Terra Natura in Benidorm yesterday before the party. It´s not the wisest thing to do if you´re planning on staying up dancing till the wee hours of the morning later on but Antwone has been sick since I got back from Portgal and I was holding out to see if he would get better. The tickets were expiring so I went with Joshua and Jordan and took my sis in law and niece as well. Sorry there aren´t that many pics but Michelle´s camera only worked for like a whole 15 minutes which were like the scariest as well cause we were in the part that we were in contact with the animals...........
Anyhow, the kids had fun and did their selection of what animals they likes and which ones they didnt. Joshua would say "bye bye yucky" to the animals he thought were ugly- he´s really picky.

Look at them, they´re so cute. Here they were on a bird hunt in the aviary. Joshua and Amelia are almost like twins rather than cousins, they just love being together and playing with each other. Such little rascals.

when you see a sign like this in a zoo it´s kind of freaky and you want to turn around.

so handsome.............

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Ozie´s birthday
Well, better late than never we celebrated my dear baby sisters entrance into adulthood. Yes, she finally turned 18 and we had a fun time to celebrate it. We went out and had a girls night out which included sore feet, dancing and not finding parking spaces---------oh, and some hookers but thats a long story. Next day Adam made a cake and I decorated it so here are a few pics. Happy Birthday sis!

My last cake of the year.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009
Merry Christmas to any who may check our blog. I posted most of these pics on facebook as well but here´s just in case. We´ve been busy like the rest of the world in these days, I had been in Portugal for two weeks before Christmas and had an interesting trip back home, but being so far away from my family made the Christmas so much more special to me. We had a nice meal on the 24th cooked by Adam with loads of seafood for starters and salmon as the main dish and then spent the wee hours of the morning wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree. The next day we opened all the goodies, had a nice big brunch and just chilled out till we stuffed ourselves once again with a Christmas meal, courtesy of my mother in law.
All in all, Christmas proved to me once more its magic and all I can say is I hope you enjoyed it as well. Cheers to my hubby for all the hard work with the kids while I was gone and for pulling everything together in the end. I love you. Here are some pics to prove my story.

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