Friday, November 30, 2007
More of Joshua

I´m not trying to monopolize this with Joshua pics but people have asked to see more of him so here goes, soon there will be more of the others.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
My own Dr. McDreamy..........

Ok, I know the whole story of the birth is getting a bit old BUT there is another side to mention...... I know it´s usually the mom who gets all the glory and "name in lights" and it´s all good- every single women who gives birth needs to be worshipped a bit as it is quite the task. However, there is a wonderful person behind it all (at least in my case) who makes it all easier. This person stays up with the older kids at night so you can rest, wakes up early each day with the kids so you can sleep in, brings you special snacks, is concerned about your well being, cuddles and loves you even though you feel like you´re inside some alien body (or better said, you have an alien inside your body), cheers you up, brings "Prison Break" to distract you while in labour, holds your hand during the pain, and remains calm while you scream.
Honey, I love you and thank you for being the wonderful husband and best father anyone could ask for- you make this journey called "parenting" so much funner, enjoyable and lovable..

Oh..........and to make you all jealous, this is the present he gave me for number 3............ 75- 300 mm lens........
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Sunday, November 25, 2007
First bath at home

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Thursday, November 22, 2007
Home sweet home
Joshua and I are already back home, our family is finally complete! For those who didn´t know Joshua weighed 3,715 kilos and was 51 cm long- I know..........too big a stinker for a small mommy but its ok. He´s an excellent baby, just eats, sleeps and stares at me all day making recovery easier.

I just wanted to use this space to thank a few people for making this whole thing the positive experience it was: first thanks to the Madrid home for inviting us and making it easier during the last month of pregnancy, thanks to Vicky, Melissa, Fabio, Raquel, Ozie, Rose, etc and all the others who took care of our kids while we were in the hospital. Gabriel and Malu, I loved your cards and looked and read them many times while I was lonely, I promise I´ll keep them for a very long time. Fabio and Rachel, the roses were beautiful, thanks as well for your sweet prayers and concern and sorry about the honey mess.......
Ozie and Vicky, the pyjamas................I love them! (I´ll post a pic of them one day) Enrique, Mariaeugenia, Santi, Elisa, Ang, DV, Silas and Claire thanks for your wonderful supply of chocolate!! (I got real quality stuff this!) To all who called, sorry I was groggy but I appreciated the attention- made me feel special! Vicky and Rach, thank for the brownies and oatmeal cake............gave me the energy to push the child out! (don´t make too many more, I´m supposed to lose weight now)
Jordan thanks for the fruit basket, Antwone thanks for carrying the roses. I love you both so much and I´m happy Joshua has such perfect older brothers.
Adam, thanks for being there. I might have been the one screaming but you were the one that was quiet and holding my hand the whole time making us be a complete team. Thanks as well for the wonderful present you gave me (I´ll dedicate a post to it when I get a pic), I love you!

I thought this pic was cute.....
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
He's Finally Here
So He finally decided to grace us with his presence.
On the 18th we went in scheduled to have the labor induced since Esty was 2 weeks late but the Lord did a miracle and 6 hours before they started inducing the water bag broke, at about 18:45 at 20:45 she was taken into dilation with 5cm and by 21:12 he was here. Everything we asked for in prayer was granted (the Lord is good to us):
1. It wasn't induced
2. It was a quick labor.
3. Nice doctors and nurses
4. No tearing or stitches
5.I was able to be with Esty the whole time.
6. A healthy baby.

Esty was amazing and very brave, didn't get the epidural or anything, the doctor was very nice and even let Esty take the baby out after the head and shoulders had appeared and then let him lie there for a few minutes.

For all you who took the poll seriously I feel for your future children, I mean, really? Reginald BARDULF? you need to relax and have some more joy in your lives, or get a hug or somethin'.

So without further ado here he is.............................Joshua Darren Phillips Fonta(in Spain they get 2 surnames)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007
Borne til the unbearable................
I have climbed the Teide, the Vesuvius and now I can officially say that I climbed the Gurugú mountain..........42 weeks pregnant! One of those feats to add on to my list but it didn´t work in my final attempt to get the baby out.
Tomorrow at 8.30 in the morning I´m scheduled to go to the hospital for them to induce the labour so please keep it in your prayers, I was dreading this but God´s ways are sometimes different. Like a good friend says "what goes in must come out!" Pity one of those processes is such a pleasure and the other such pain...........anyhow..........
Please pray for an easy delivery, for Adam to be able to be with me at all times, for them not to make me be lying on my back the whole time (yup......they do that here) and for the whole ordeal to be short and somehow easy.
Oh well, bye for now- I´m going to try to get some beauty sleep before so that when my son first sees me he can think "oh, so you´re my screaming, crying and sweaty mommy but´re pretty!"......wish wish......
thanks for your prayers and support
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Antwone and the ball

I think all little boys should have plenty of sports in their lives................Antwone has a real talent with the ball, here he is at play

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Monday, November 12, 2007
In God´s good time.................
This is me as of a week of being officially overdue............. " in God´s good time" is the phrase of the day.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Still Waiting
Right so thanks to all your little collaborations I thought of a new woderful name, I think I just might settle for this one. How about (drum roll)..........Allysdare Inglebert Harcourt Farquhar Phillips Fonta? Don't you think it's lovely? Maybe we should threw "Chucho Bardulf" in there too, something like Allysdare Inglebert Chucho Harcourt Farquhar Bardulf Phillips Fonta........hmmm pefect!
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Thursday, November 8, 2007
The 8th already and still no sign of the baby, poor Esty! This time I think we both thought it was going to be early, but just our luck.......late again. Maybe cause we haven't quite decided on a name yet, Esty really likes Joshua, I'm not that keen on it. We both like Adrian but I have met a couple fags that go by the name so it a bit so so. It's quite a hard decision. Any suggestions!
So far we've thought:

Reginald Bardulf

Dorjan Anton

Ambrosio Chucho Desiderio

If you can come up with anything better drop us a line or a comment is good enough

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