Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Jordan´s art
Here are the boys doing their art projects. The bottom pic is Jordans finished job, I think it´s pretty good and he did that ALL on his own ( the little flowers I mean). Must be the genes from my dad cause my artistic skills leave much to be desired.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008
Chocolate and vanilla!

That´s what these two look like together...........Joshua needs a bit more colour in his life, ha! Thanks Vicky for those foolishly cute matching PJ´s, this pic is dedicated for you. I´m posting a few more of Joshua recently, as you can see he proudly displays two teeth and is learning that they are NOT to be used while nursing. He sits up, holds things really well and really analyzes his toys, reminds me a lot of my brother Juan when he was a baby. An excellent baby and with charm to spare.
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Monday, May 5, 2008

WellvI wasn't able to be there celebrate the day but will try to make up for it. Here's to a very special mother. I fall short of words to say anything that would even begin to do her justice.
Her love, preocupation, concern, forgiveness,time (alot of time) patience, endurance, strength... etc,etc
are what makes us a family today I couldn't have picked a better woman to be able to say Happy Mothers day ! to
I love you honey thanks for being our "mommy".
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Sunday, May 4, 2008
Mother´s Day!
Happy Mother´s Day to all you mothers! Didn´t have the best of days, I had saved some Ben and Jerry´s to celebrate seeing my kids are too little and Adam is out BUT someone ate it before I had a chance to. I hope they feel remorse when reading this as it really tipped my day off to the negative side. Anyhow, I cooked a big cocido madrileño for visitors who came over and prepared little boxes with verses and quotes about motherhood for the moms. The rest of the day is blah- a few special things to mention though:

1. This morning I told Jordan it was Mother´s Day and that he had to behave for me so he said "Ok Mom, we will not fight or argue today" so I thanked him and he turned to Antwone, this was their conversation:

Jordan: "Antwone, today we will not fight or argue"
Antwone: "Ok!"
Jordan: "But if you take away my toys, I WIll argue with you!"..............

Me: "huh...................?"

2. Special wishes for a "Happy First Mothers Day" to Michelle, I think you´re doing a great job as a mother and Amelia and you are great together- it´s nice how you´ve just smoothed into this great change in your life with such apparent little ease.

3. Last year on this day my sis Ozie became the number 8 in Spain in rythmic gymnastic. I´m proud of you sis! I think you walked out that door in the greatest way possible and made a decent amount of people proud of you.

Even though the rose we´d wear on this day isn´t red, it doesn´t mean we don´t wear a rose at all- white can be beautiful as well (hidden meaning for us). Here´s pics of her, I was PG with Joshua
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