Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Ode to Richard and Angela.........
Ok, so I finally got around to posting some pics of Richard and Angela´s wedding, a bit late I know but what to do. It was great fun, thanks to Adam who take care of the kids so I could drink and dance.
Congratulations to the two of you, may you have a long and happy marriage and many more children............

Ang looked great, I couldn´t have chosen her dress, hair and makeup to look better than what she did. This is one of my favorite, Richard´s expression just exudes tenderness.........

one with all my family and her parentsthe happy couple

a cute least I caught Richard smiling..................had to pull some sex jokes to achieve that.

tho petty.....
good looking couple, aren´t they?

one of us all dressed up

When my kids get married I want us to have this same look on our faces, proud and so so happy.

For now we´ll be content with this foolishness.................

cuteness, I left his curls for the weddding.

we´ve known each other since we were five, I´m so glad I got to make it to her wedding, she looked so pretty that as soon as I saw her get out of the car I started to cry.................yay for me and a definite step back in my attempts to be a "strong and controlled woman".....
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Monday, July 21, 2008
Some summer fun
We got invited to a paella at a friends house yesterday so we went and spent the day with the kids there, they had a blast. Jordan has become a water boy and literally spend hours in the water having loads of fun. I entertained myself explaining to everyone about how it´s not THAT alienlike to be a mother of three boys, etc etc

Jordan lost his first tooth just a few nights ago, it was a huge and emotional ordeal for me although I pretended to be brave- thankfully there was no blood involved, lol! The first thing he did was stick it under his pillow and then after he came to tell me what had happened. He was so excited about the whole tooth fairy ordeal, it was adorable. Here he is happy and toothless.

life is fair and God is good, I almost fell asleep on that thing....

This is not some public pool, this is someone´s front yard believe it or not, can you imagine waking up and seeing this first thing each day----------and the most wicked pool parties that he probably throws.............hmmmmm

I think this makes a brilliant summer pic, floaties and goggles and eating an ice cream after coming straight out of the pool.........

Will be posting some of Angie´s wedding as soon as I can sort through them. It was lots of fun.
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Happy Birthday Glenn!!!!!!!!!!

We haven´t been able to get ahold of you but we´ve been thinking of you all day and hoping this coming year will be the best ever. We´re missing you down here- "Los Brothers" is just not the same.........
Thanks for being our black angel. We love you.
Big kiss
Adam, Esty, Jordan, Antwone and Joshua
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Monday, July 14, 2008
Juan is here
My brother is here for a week, it´s been great having him here. Maria came to see us today and we all went to the park just like I´m sure we used to do about 15 years ago.
Mia trying to get Ozie to wear red

Still a child at heart................and at play. He´s so great with the kids, my boys just love being with him and not to mention how much he always helps me with them.

Check out my brothers mega muscles, he´s so faithful with his workout.

Poor little Joshua has had fever the past three days due to teething, he now is the proud owner of 8 teeth- bless his little soul (and mouth)

My lovely and beautiful sisters, I sort of fade in the shadows next to them, ha!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Dedicated to Tina and Paloma.................
These flowers are for you, Paloma and Tina. Thanks a ton.

dreamy foolish

I really do have a lot to be thankful for, I´m a lucky woman with the four most handsome boys that adore me.............yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
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Saturday, July 5, 2008
School is over!!!!!!!!!!!! we like to party!
Here is the little celebration we had for the kids to celebrate the end of their school year. We had a head count of 64 people.

Jordan has completed K4 and K5 in this one year and I´m quite proud of him, he´s reading pretty good in English and picked up reading in Spanish as well. he writes in both print and cursive although his strong point is definitely Math. He´s made a lot of progress this past school year and next year he´ll start school completely Spanish (with the LA in English as well). They don´t let him enroll in first grade because of his age but he would be ready for it, I´m still praying about what to do.

Antwone did a whole bunch of preschool stuff and I´d definitely say his strong point for now is his hand coordination skills, he´s pretty good with art and is doing some basic pre writing exercises as well. Next year he´ll start off on K4.

Proud mommy with her two boys

Well, I wrote out a little speech for our friends to explain more about our homeschooling side of life in The Family but thankfully Adam was the one to speak (cause he has a louder Lily then commended the students for a job well done and we handed out certificates. Then the party moved on to a barbecue (thanks to Adam and Jace) and out came the Cuban music (courtesy of Oscar) and the party then went into a fullblown fiesta latina full of dancing and fun. Here are some random pics of some of the good looking people at our party. Enjoy.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008
Terra Mítica
We went to Terra Mitica to celebrate end of school year for the kids. It was great fun, we were a big team of 57 people altogether. This year thankfully we got to go on some rides ourselves thanks to Samuele and Lily who helped us with our kids. The kids had fun, Jordan finally went on some rides and pretended to be brave. Here´s an overflow of pics........
The handsome man

the charming "nonni" who helped us

here are some of the "sights" from the amusement park

this pic reminds me Jordan is still my baby,

this ride changed our family to three little girls..............

"on love we´ll sail right through the la"

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