Sunday, August 31, 2008
Foolishness and cuteness

a lot has been going on, haven´t had much time to post. Here are some of the boys.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008
Jordan´s birthday
Here is Jordan´s birthday party. He insisted on having Buzz Lightyear so we got him a suit off ebay (which arrived the very morning of the party), the cake was made by Ozie and Adam and I got up early to produce this decorated was quite bonding and we´re quite happy with what turned out, ha!
We had an inflatable castle, face painting, games, snacks, drinks, we managed to invite little kids from around the area which made it fun despite the others who didn´t come (you know who you are).

Here he is.........all fitted out, he won´t take it off now- he loves flying "to infinity and beyond" with it, thankfully thats not much further than on our bed.

Family pic

One of us and the birthday boy

Cookee gave Jordan a Real Madrid soccer ball which was a great gift, he´ll be starting soccer in a few weeks so this is like a premonition that he´s on the right

Here are the other two, they were feeling a little under the weather and were content to just sit and watch for the most part, I love Joshua´s expression in this one.

Yup, that´s me having a go at the bouncing castle, great fun and very tiring as well.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Happy Birthay Jordan
It´s my big boy´s birthday, he´s turning 5! We had a really nice and fun party which I´ll post pics of some other time as right now I´m just too dead tired. He had loads of fun though and his face just make all the hassle worth it.

This is always an extra special day for me, not because I like Jordan´s birthday any more than my other kids but because this marks the day I became a mother. I still remember the first time they finally handed me my son, I had just gone through a very difficult and looooooooooong labour, my blood pressure had dropped drastically so i was feeling very dizzy and faint and could barely even see my son clearly and the first thought that passed through my head was "what in the world am I gonna do with you?". I know that doesn´t sound very flowery or motherly at all but that is what really happened. Well, to be honest it´s been pretty good since then, we´ve not only survived together but we´ve had a great time. So even though I´ve got plenty of learning to do and yes, still a little bit of fear of whether I´ll be a good mom or not throughout all the different stages of my kids lives, I still think motherhood is the best thing that could happen as you learn a whole new way of loving someone.

So thank you Jordan for being my guinea pig, thank you for teaching me more about life and thank you for changing my life in such a wonderful way. I sincerely pray I can live up to be all I want to be for you and that we have many fun and memorable birthdays like todays together.

Yours forever
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Monday, August 11, 2008

At 8 months old he´s already saying "mama", such a little charmer. He of course loves eating sand and now has decided to use his perfect crawling skills to charge towards the water at a pretty fast speed. So much sweetness..........
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Friday, August 8, 2008

He´s the big boy, the big brother...........his new thing is getting up first thing each morning to tick off the days left to his birthday on the calendar, at least that keeps him away from asking me each day how many days left to his birthday. He´s now decided he can pick Joshua up and carry him around (nearly giving me a heart attack each time), oh he also tells everyone in his matter of factly way that "everybody just loves me" and then shrugs his shoulders as if trying to cope with all the fame and stress.
He´s a crazy man in the water and now out of it as well as he jumps around everywhere right after his "to infinity and beyoooooooooond" statement (Buzz Lightyear is the new hero), but all in all he´s just great. I think I´m just getting nostalgic that it´s close to his birthday once again, he still comes in my bed and cuddles up with me almost every day though and tells me I´m the bestest mom (or bestest lady sometimes) in the whole world..............warm and fuzzy feelings.........

Here is one of my latest challenges to parenthood:
I told Jordan he could go to the park first and then watch a movie, he had been bugging me about watching the movie first for a long while till this conversation came up.

Jordan: Mommy, Jesus told me I could watch the movie first
Me: completely blank- one of those crisis moments in parenthood that leave you at a loss of words, I look to daddy for help/counsel but daddy is lost as well.
Me: well Jordan, why don´t you go and ask Jesus if you should go to the park first or watch the movie first.
Jordan: Ok (and obediently walks to the room, I really should have gone to see what he did here)
Jordan five minutes later: Mommy, Jesus said I could watch the movie first.
Me: ok fine (I figured it wasn´t too harmful)
Jordan as he walks off: see mommy, that prayer wasn´t too difficult, was it?
me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


here he is being a big brother
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Los Belones
Well, today I have decided to undertake a new challenge. Someone has asked me to give private classes to their kid who flunked on all subjects and is going for another try at year end exams on Sept 1st. At first I flatly refused but his parents begged me to have a talk with the kid anyway. I did and it turns out he´s not stupid, he was completely capable of passing all the exams but he was going through a difficult time in his life (his parents divorcing) and so decided to rebel in his scholastics. Apparently he has decides to go for the challenge himself which makes it easier. it is, i have 25 days to help a kid pass on all his subjects, I´m currently scheduling and planning all he has to to and it´s not going to be easy and will depend entirely on his perseverance, as for me I have taken up the challenge. I´m considering charging the parents a set price if he passes (considerably high) and a lower one in case he doesn´t rather than charging on an hourly basis, what do you think?

On other notes here in this little town where everyone knows the next guy someone has called us the "Pitt couple"..................probably a step down for Adam but I feel flattered, lol.........
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Saturday, August 2, 2008
Curls all gone

I finally decided to chop off Joshua´s curls, they were extremely cute but he was sweating a lot with the heat and would get all stinky. He didn´t like the experience too much but what to do.
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