Monday, December 29, 2008
Happy Birthday!

I believe it has been a year since I last posted on this blog, seen as I was the one that opened it it's quite lame. But this isn't about that.......... no better date than today to put up a post to praise the beautiful woman in the above picture on today her birthday.

There is probably a million ways of saying how wonderful you are but none that would do you any justice so I won't waste your time on that.

Just a simple man of few words that is crazy for you and all the things you do.

I have heard you say too many times that you were lucky to be with me...........but in honest it was I who found my rainbows end 7 lucky years ago.

I have been lucky enough to love and be loved by you and this year I have discovered a whole new depth to it and my wish for your new year is to discover more.

I love you and can only begin to let you know how much.
Happy Birthday!
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you the best and the most you can get from life on your 17th birthday! Love you lots and hoping you like the cake.............
With lots and lots of love
Adam, Esty, Jordan, Antwone and Joshua
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Monday, December 22, 2008
An ode to love...........
My hundredth post is for you babe, to celebrate our seven years of craziness, laughter, tears, fun, pleasure and lots of love.
Seven years later I love you more.
A bottle of wine added and I want seventy years more...................

Happy unofficial anniversary!
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Friday, December 19, 2008
Of sports and such.........

I had almost forgotten how good my sister she is at their Christmas exhibition of today, pics are sort of grainy as I was from a distance with no flash. She┬┤s very elegant with her style- always gives me the goose bumps every time I see her.

Congrats to Vale on her debut as well, she did great.
There were a whole bunch of little girls as well doing a show and Antwone, when he saw them said "mommy, look at all those cute girls" with his little adorable baby voice and then when they waved goodbye he happily told me "mommy, that little girl said hello to me"...................... early Cassanova.

Jordan and his soccer team had a little Christmas party as well with snacks and a visit to Santa Claus after their training, very fun as a mom to attend such events with her son although extremely confusing with the three boys, camera, etc...............
Here is some of Jordan waiting in line for his present (he got in the line with the gymnasts instead) and some of him and his brother dressed for soccer (Antwone is not on the team yet cause of his age but he likes to dress up and watch his brother...........).

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