Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!!
The cake, Jordan wanted a Zorro theme cake. Here was my attempt at it, don´t mind the colours too much- I started working on it at midnight and my vision was blurred........ahem?

The big big bouncy castle, loads of fun for all ages.

Piñata and a very handsome daddy.

Here are my little Zorro´s fighting on the boucny castle, so cute.

My dad made them the costumes

After we had a magician which Jordan really enjoyed, the little boys stayed on the bouncy castle and Joshua went wild, doing summer saults down the slide and all- sadly my battery ran out by then.

My big boy is growing up. We finally got around to celebrating it, he lost his sixth tooth on his sixth birthday! It really was lots and lots of fun and very nice because it was a day for the kids and they each enjoyed themselves so much in their own special way. Jordan is extremely sociable, friendly, helps me a lot and is quite obedient. He´s an excellent older brother and everyone seems to adore him. Jordan´s birthday once again makes me feel happy I became a mom.
I love you my baby, never change and always stay wonderful. I hope you don´t grow too fast.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009
Mis guapos

With their hair cuts a lot of people ask me if Joshua and Antwone are twins.

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Monday, August 10, 2009
Summer days
No, we´re not dead...............we´re very much alive and well just with not much time for blogging. Here are some recent pics of the pool where we go to almost every day, Jordan is swimming really nicely and Joshua is getting pretty brave as well. Antwone likes to go around "making friends" so he can then play with their toys. Here are a few pics of the boys.

Jordan´s adult tooth has finally cut through so hopefully soon the pics you´ll see of him will not be toothless.

This is the pool where we go to for free every day, nice huh?? Now you can understand why we don´t have time for petty things as blogging....

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