Sunday, November 22, 2009
Happy Birthday my dearest baby!
Ok, well here is an overload of pics to make up for the lack of activity in this site as of late. We´ve celebrated a very happy day, the birth of little baby boy two years ago. Here was his zoo cake which was loads of fun.

boing boing.................the amount of energy my boys have is unbelievable.
a family pic, sorry the lighting isn´t that great
had to post this one.........they´re such stinkers- look at their faces.
Monkey number 1, trying to be mad.
Monkey number 2 in his dream world with his ever present train
Monkey number 3-----look look, I managed to get a smile.
dreamy´s his birthday, he gets 2 pics.
happily eating his barbecued meat
this is our barbecue area
the only one who agreed to take a pic with mommy.
los guapos de la fiesta
blow and make a wish.........every time he sees a candle he sings "Happy Birthday to you...."
checking out the cake, Joshua was so jazzed. the "oh wow!" made it all worth it.
kids eating off all the little decorations, so cute.
his big garage
he got so many presents..........thanks to all who brought something.
I live in a world surrounded by boys and their toys.

Happy Birthday my little one, never stop being the unique individual you are full of seriousness and yet laughter and cuddles. You come up with the funniest things and are very polite, you´re full of joy. I pray this coming year your life is full of happiness, love and laughter, that you will learn all you can and that you will be safe from all harm. Thanks for entering our lives.
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Friday, November 20, 2009
Ready, set, go......................
Yup, that´s what I tell myself each morning as I get out of my bed. After that it´s non stop besides my 15 minute break between bringing Jordan back to school and waking up the little ones. I use those moments to sit, have my tea and wish I had a slave.

But life has been good, in between these lacks of blogging I have travelled around quite a bit to Murcia, Barcelona, Madrid and London which is always nice. I´ve done loads of advertising for my attempts of an entertainment business, unpacked and halfway decorated our new house, got a new car (which is in MY name...........proud proud me), adapted to a child going to school, taught my other two and started an incredibly intense workout programm called Insanity. Oh...........and novelty of my life, I almost have all my kids Christmas presents sorted and it´s still November.......I´m proud of me. So yeah, that´s my latest life in a nutshell.

The most important part of it all however, has been my baby turning two just the other day. He´s so grown up it´s amazing, he talks like crazy and comes up with really funny things as well, he loves cuddling, he´s cute as hell and this morning he argued with me about what shoes he wanted to wear (???). I´m busy planning for his birthday which will be on Sunday, my camera is currently in pieces and getting repaired so sorry for the lack of pics. I can assure you my boys are looking better than ever so just try to picture that till you get visual proof.

Love and peace to you all...........I´m off to watch a series.
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