Friday, November 20, 2009
Ready, set, go......................
Yup, that´s what I tell myself each morning as I get out of my bed. After that it´s non stop besides my 15 minute break between bringing Jordan back to school and waking up the little ones. I use those moments to sit, have my tea and wish I had a slave.

But life has been good, in between these lacks of blogging I have travelled around quite a bit to Murcia, Barcelona, Madrid and London which is always nice. I´ve done loads of advertising for my attempts of an entertainment business, unpacked and halfway decorated our new house, got a new car (which is in MY name...........proud proud me), adapted to a child going to school, taught my other two and started an incredibly intense workout programm called Insanity. Oh...........and novelty of my life, I almost have all my kids Christmas presents sorted and it´s still November.......I´m proud of me. So yeah, that´s my latest life in a nutshell.

The most important part of it all however, has been my baby turning two just the other day. He´s so grown up it´s amazing, he talks like crazy and comes up with really funny things as well, he loves cuddling, he´s cute as hell and this morning he argued with me about what shoes he wanted to wear (???). I´m busy planning for his birthday which will be on Sunday, my camera is currently in pieces and getting repaired so sorry for the lack of pics. I can assure you my boys are looking better than ever so just try to picture that till you get visual proof.

Love and peace to you all...........I´m off to watch a series.
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  • At November 21, 2009 at 2:23 AM, Blogger Marie said…

    love & peace to you all....definitely doing the Insanity program.ha...Cheers to your awesomeness Esty...u go girl!! miss you guys & kaylee her little boyfriends.heh

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